it starts out innocuously
you see her across the room
you look once
then look away
afraid she might see
or feel
the effect
she has on you
you feel her gaze
so you look up
is she smiling?
are you blushing?
you look up again
she IS smiling
shyly she looks down
trying to avoid your gaze
your eyes follow her movement
then you notice them
graciously moving
up and down
you are transfixed
you follow their movement
up and down
you become one
up and down
she looks up again
catches you staring
but you can’t help yourself
like you are in a trance
her smile broadens
more welcoming
you smile
trying to gather your thoughts
she smiles more
you move closer
you can now smell her
that sweet aroma
you inhale it
savour it
she says hi
your mind goes blank
and you cannot respond
you know what to say
but just can’t find the words
she takes a deep breathe
almost like a sigh
she leans back
they look inflated
your eyes remain glued
up and down
as she exhales
watches you
crosses her legs
revealing them
those thighs…
you catch your breathe
almost choke
as you attention is diverted
she follows your gaze
smiles again
recognizing her effect
and loves it
slowly she bites her lip
and moves closer
you lean in slightly
your hands brush against each other
so slightly
it is hardly discernable
then she slowly
places her hand on yours
with her finger
she make little circles
then gently takes your hand
and places it there
right there
on her thigh
you feel
that smooth skin
take a deep breath
enjoy the feeling
for a moment or two
then you move on
first lower
then higher
and higher
and higher still
as her legs part
as you move higher
you hear it
that silent gasp
that must be it
that must be the spot
so you gently caress it
slowly up and down
then in small circles
her face is now inches away
you can feel her breathe
moaning softly
just before your lips touch
she whispers

b.c. 23/10/2008


2 Responses to “LUST”

  1. Wololo! thats hot! Your giving mill $ boon a run for their money 🙂

  2. Hehehe I think I made ur panties wet….

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