my blogrollers BEEF(NGOMBE)

WTF yes am pissed in opening the blog and find that in ma blog roll there is not even one MOF who has written shit in like 2months know ….???? coincidence…..hmmmm!!! i don’t think so wot the hell is going on can it be everyone got a brain freeze @ the same time or….. here is what i think happened to each one of them..

KD… = i think KD moved out of her mom house and also out of The closet so im guesin shes to tired to type coz her fingers B doing the walkin HEHEHEHHE HAHAHAHHAHA

ORINEUR (or something close to that)= this am not sure but rumour has it that she had a freak accident and her brain accidentally fell into her TUMBO……lol


Archer = i think this guy lost his man bag and with it went hes ideas brain and confidence ….. hehehehe

Bella== this guy is suffering from lack of NAps and some emotional commitment that and according to he’s blog it safe to say BELLA =NAPS + NO WOMEN+ POOR PERFOMANCE IN BED + LOOSE PLANS
easily put remove one element and hes NUTS (BALLLS)……. LOL

P4WNED= this am true to this guy is suffering from pussy lashes of the nyahunyoz (whipps ) talk bout a chick grabbing a nigga buy the balls… to p4wned …. nigga ur PUSSy……LOL

GREAMHOUZE= rumour has it his waiting for his big comeback on mothers day no idea why but thats true….LOL


and with the apove am off to a dark HOLE to hide….. LOL



5 Responses to “my blogrollers BEEF(NGOMBE)”

  1. hahaha mad tale coming up son maddest tale and major misperformance if u know anyone in law school parki u might just be recruited as my wingman bitch peace am out.!

  2. hehe…….n u see when i say that bloggers should not have girl/boy friends coz they completely tie u up…..hehe what happened tosimple one nyte stands or the fuck mate! a dying breed.

  3. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL i just LOVE U!!!…..haha that was funny. Im back bella is back…and the latter!!

  4. ---Supreme-G.R.E.A.M--- Says:

    lol u crazy mofo

    Its been a while since I was around this place.

    Wake up too nucca!

  5. I’m appalled (I’m throwing loose english words, meaning wtf) why couldn’t I have been trading what my mama bestowed it at some posh streets in Hurlingam and the lowest days in a certain street, such that I didn’t have enough time to blog since at night I peddle flesh and by day I catch up on sweet sleep? Just saying, aint a true story.

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