!st am tired of saying sorry and promising to update  my blog on the regular,am turning out to be like one of those kenyan politicians who promise piped milk to our nyumbas and ma stupid self go erly in the morning to vote for them,but alas evertime i turn on the shower theirs is never milk….hmmm ATA MAJI…??? THE motherfuckers and with that ,i have decided that i will frame my toe nails and my voting card together coz both of them have no effect in bringing change to our beloved motherland anyway… before i loose my train of thought,some friend of mine just told me that if i could remove alchohol related incident i would have had such a boring life…………………… to which i said the sky is blue and JOhn paul is Cathlic  ,

the thing is i have been repeating myself to all my friends that alchol is prove that God wants Mankind to be which she saud  “what bout hangovers”  (and in the back of my head i was going like all of the -ve stuff society has,the best she could come up was HANGOVER!!??) so i smiled and i said thats a small price to the happy stories experiences and LUCKY chips funga i will be short cause and effect.she was determined to keep up the argument,though she was easy to crush i realy enjoy seeing preety girls jus make a fool of themselves,so i she goes ahead and tells me name one downside in being sa sober upright person.My response to this… with a crooked smile and a smack, and before i could open my mouth she points at a scur i got wen i took one two many shots of the GREY GOOSE while sitting in the bar stool and she acted like it was a big  deal.but i always  love my drunked motto for any scurs i get. I DO NOT HAVE A DRINKING PROBLEM…. I DRINK I FALL DOWN NO PROBLEM!!! she sucker punches me in the balls and tells me to get serious.

So i start 1st of all all sober people are boring and really lonely and depressed.she asks… gimme an example …. YOU (with both my hands protecting my nuts) and she says dont worry i wount hurt the only thing that i like bout u…. which makes my thoughts skatter and now try to realy ombet some pudesh that i have been hangin around instead of kulaing it.IN my defense i used to date her aunt so as a favor to her aunt…..(what the hell … who am i kiddin i was jus to damn to see a pussy infront of me….lol)

now that this story is unveiling more than i was willing i should samarise with this

Moral of the story :

1)  dont ever argue with girls they always have a secret weapon.

2:) nyani haoni kundule

3:) aliyembali hangukiwi na mti

4) wen the goin get tough kill two birds with one huge stone and make hey while the sun shines

NB disregard numbers 2,3,4  thank u Piece


4 Responses to “freestyle”

  1. dude am with you on all points and the two birds is it what am thinking LMAO

  2. yes its wot ur thhinking….LMAOF.. see am an open book

  3. Wow Dude get some n update us wid them tastes too. How bout that?

  4. Jaman Nataka Kufira Mimi Nikijana Nina Umri Wa Miaka 16

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