Just got marked

just so that i posted a reminder on this topic and actualy never wrote anything bout it… woooi am startin to feel woishe 4 myself ,. coz if am gettin amnesia  this early….  anywhooo here is the story

it was a day b4 valentine am in the house playin with ma toy (playstation b4 u get any ideas)and feel a certain thirst that only beer can quench.puut on my jacket empty ma wallet and remain with enuff money to buy me the amount of beer that i need to drink that day.stroll to the local which is just a stone throw away from were i leave,hence beatin the purpose  of leavin some cash in the hopuse,but its always better to lie to urself.as am bout to get in the pub , A friend of mine calls.she decided since her car radio dont work,that i will be the entertainment wen she drives around.

she goes “harro”

me: I hope ur dieing coz i have a very important meeting with stacey (BEER).u have five sec

she:  yaani u put ur booze  before me?

Me:YES . 3,2,1 bye ur time is up

i hang up get in the local which i love ,coz the bartender really know how to make u feel at BAR…lol she poors my usual poison  get to my usual corner behind the trfaffic light(the bar has a traffic light wen its green u can buy drinks YELLOW: last call  RED: no more booze on sale go home)i sip my 1st jag  of BUD jus shootin pool with some old lads who are whippin my ass thoroughly @ the game, and i decide to stick to what i do best or is it second best after screwwing hmmm. head back to the traffic light sit my ass down and this chick comes sstrait ,she had a nice body and the face  face was quite okay considering the time on the clock 12:02am@  and this is how the conversation went

she : can i whisper something in your ear

me (very puzzled): Sure y not

she : Wanna see a cool trick

me(very very puzzled :Sure

SHE : before i show u the trick  can i get my drink and  join u.

me(very happy):okay,but am leaving in like ten minutes.

she(leaning next to my year ): whatever we are goin to do wont take that ,she places he hand just above my lap ,

me(very blank): eeh i hope we talking bout  the chicken and the agg cause that takes mo than ten minutes.

she(laughing sheeplishly)  : ur funny i like that for 20$ u have 2hrs with me,so finish up ur drink,buy me a screwdriver and we are off.

me(very shocked)  :Did u jus…..

she:what!!!  with a crooked smile and sizing me up

Me((after sipping ma drink) :gimme a sec  ill be reight back…

i so ducked out of the bar  run home and hid under the secure confines of my blankets. which later i found funny that  i always find ma security under the blankets huh…   I GUESS THATS HOW THE COOKIE CRUMBLES(i know this doesnt fit here but i have been dieing to use it and the opourtunity never arose and am tired . so there it is mta duuu whaaat????)


2 Responses to “Just got marked”

  1. bitch nigga si ur the one who talked shit on my swagga post when i bailed out on a three some . now this was one mama and u chickened out.. go screw urself coz trust me thats how a dry spell starts… am just saying…

  2. @pawned did u jus confess to a dry spell….lol
    i run coz she asked 4 cash that means she was a hoe-kah…. and if u know anything bout hoez the best defense is flight

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