of late i have been having this add time in ma hands but have accomplished zero.i even was enable to publish a single blog.and the fact bout publishing blogs was n0t being helped by some stupid people tagging u and telling u to write 25 thing sijui bout what…. (U know ur self u bastard…hehehhe)   the mad time  in my life has been sponsored by nature lesson inco. hehehe . i always believing in in the simplest of saying  WHAT DOESN’T KILL U WILL MAKE U STRONGER..  so every bad shit that happens to me i decide to learn from it and make sure it doesn’t hit me twice.its simple but a perfect way to leave     4ME .in short i was fired or something close to that due to some ripple effect.cause and effect… late last year just a day or two after the birthday of the messiah i decried to answer the F.A.Q by most retards… how many beers can u take to get u high?{ i put it in yellow to symbolize the blondness of this Q} so me moving to a new state in this obama land i decided to take on this stupidest challenge and drowned my 12pac  while talking to ma pal  who’s a chiq but i highly doubt… reason being she marks chiq like i do talks and is cool like most guys drinks almost like i do,which is a compliment if u know how much i love my beloved booze.. so i call her  and we talk and i finish my 1st 12 pack, go for a 40 oz booze and buy 2 and  down them.Go back to the liquor store buy a six pack down it.while am still talking to my female /MALE friend…. heheheh (if she reads this;  …here is my wheel…..LOL)

so all in all i sipped a lot of beer which i lost count of…: hence proving my point who counts while u having fun….anywhooo… baq to cause and effect,after this i decided to stop drinking for six month… and the whole of Jan and end of last year i was working my ass off but due to my lack of drinking my sex crave grew tremendously but ,and the new work place had this HINDU female boss fly ass us hell and she was married to a military man,had a son who’s like twenty years ild. but she was a flirt and very alfa female,so with time she decided to sumbua me in the 2nd week in.she is a good story teller ad am a good listener… and show we became tight,so we flirted our way through just the usual and she always hanging around were am working,which is somewhere close to mtu wa mikono hehehhe,but that’s neither here nor there,so with time we established a Plato until the boss pulled a fast one on me and on a weekend she followed  me to the gents,snack one wet one on the lips and walked out leaving me totally surprised,hehehhe i wish i knew

so i was cool with the move cause it was between us two,until she started dissing me in front of ma work mates,and as childish as the  next thing am going to say sound, but that just challenged my manhood and had to regain my main level ground. and a week later i waited and got a chance and snack in on her in the  lady’s made my surprise kiss,but ALAS shit happened and we end up …… in there to my surprise. so i was left stand again, so come the next day Sunday and there rumors floating around bout the encounter,to make matters worse in the afternoon the husband causes fractures in the entrance and word travels 1st  that he’s out to kill me.and i aint coward but the guy is army,so i manage to convince the watchie to let me out through the fire escape exit door….lol i sound like a pussy right now but its always wise to chose Ur battles.later on the day i got to know the meaning of the news spread like wild fire….. coz my BIG BOSS WAS IN FLORIDA,Miami and am in WASHINGTON STATE,she called me and asked me was sup,the lucky thing is he’s a langa and he believes in Stacey,i think if its not for that nigga and me pimping out ma CEO to a crazy ass friend of mine i would be somewhere in the street looking for money to wet or feed my tummy.

So i came to the conclusion that everyone has a vice and if u try to Quit ur vice the domant vice will pop up and put u in more embrase ur vice and make it work for u.hence my title [BIG HEAD SMALL HEAD] for the slow pple if i dont drink i use my dick and if i drink i use the head above my neck…..      no question should be asked and no stones should be thrown coz am pertialy jobless and am hurt and weteva makes the chicks go WOIYEEEEEEEEE  …


@oreineur… love is a 4 letter word

@31337 or some number close to that tafuta jina…lol

@ boyfulani please confirm to me the romours i had bout my favourite kenyan drink??? ati KE is like !60ksh more expensive than a tusker..??/


3 Responses to “BIG HEAD SMALL HEAD….????”

  1. hehehe nigga what did i do now faq u right back… on another note stick ur head out dont be a coward bitch LOL

  2. Seems like yo small head made yo big head think big. ope yo small head is at ease, now that you big head is in for this big suprise yo got. Stupid shitty ‘small head’ ! LMAO. Keep dem comin retard, we lovin dem

  3. lol, I’ve been away for a minute and liked the read. Ati love, what the fudge??? Keep writing man, the only way to get it all out.

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