One of those days

I woke this morning feeling damn low, the kind of feeling u get when u were out drinking late on a Sunday, jus to be woken up by the alarm clock with a nasty hangover. and then decide to go take a shower and find out your out of soap coz u busted all your shopping  on the booze that causing the same hangover u got…. U knows what a mean by know that kind of feeling. This is the 3rd time it’s happening this weak despite the fact I haven’t had a sip or a drop of my beloved booze in a while.

So it got me concerned and and I decided to skip work for an hour and go get some help from my new beloved psychiatrist (the Bartender…lol ) so he told me am suffering from withdrawal syndrome, which is a psychological  thing. Which I think its bullshit coz psychologically I know I can never do something stupid like quit drinking. After the non existent social life I have been having hanging around sober people. Being sober is damn fucking boring. I really don know how people survive .nothing to look forward to for the weekend, or holidays,. I swear in my second week of sobriety I was bored I started throwing stones at my own shadow at night… true story.

The worst thing is hanging out with a sober person who is denial. Like my friend BIG R. This guy knows am on a forced alcohol break and he is trying to prove to me how great it is to stay sober. I took the guy up on he’s offer  as long as when am back to my drunkard jolly self I would in tern  show him how great it is to be a drunkard. We shook on it. which made me even doubt myself for a second.(here is why I did its like somebody betting you a million  dollars that John Paul is not Catholic,….)

So here is how the events unfolded:

Thursday  5pm we meet at  restaurant(……) he orders some good food, we eat up chit charting bout nothing and then we leave and go to for balling Sober ,which was long periods of boredom punctuated by sheer terror. time seemed to be moving backwards coz the hrs was getting longer, got out  and stood in the parking lot tryn to figure out were to go next ,and I had to interrupt his long thinking and tell him if it was drunkards we would do the thinking in a nice bar downing some couple of cold booze. Which  he threw the famous cliché all sober people say “You don need  alcohol to have a good time.”(…oooh how I cant wait till its my time to show him the wonders and mystery of the almighty BOOZE.)so he decided on a movie and then later we head to the billiards were my point was proven right.coz all the drunkards looked pretty happy to me. so by the 10.30pm  my friend was ready to head home and he had the nerve to ask me so how was ur day?……i was stunned by the question but I had to ask him the obvious question. So what time do we pick up the girls??? And he goes which girls??

After this experience I have come to appreciate booze for making the simple things in life be so much fun and making time pass quite fast and people seem more appealing to hang around.  I think if I was to leave this sober advocated life I would die of Old age at 25.and pick up stamp collecting or something….hehehhehe

Bye bye….

Week 4 life’s a bitch!


2 Responses to “One of those days”

  1. bellasbiz Says:

    i do the sober thing from time to time…on weekdays when i’m just kickin it in the crib coming back from the plantation and shit…..but itherwise like tonight? i’d be playing myself….


  2. i do the sober thing from monday to thursday to but why not try one weekend @ u will see how fuckin lo ng a week can get

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