MY Significant X-list

Just thought of writing down my exelist,  and this are the chicks that I really tried or made a mark on my Quest to “LOVE” or “RELATIONSHIPS”. Take my hut of for the ones who made my list and coz of u u made me the Jack ass ur fellow female species love to hate thank u very much here it goes…

i) The player (The gold digger): this was the 1st chick I “fell in love with” I was in class 7 but I had been eyeing the chick from ever…lol. i was like 12 yrs and  sprung, talk bout puppy,gues this is the chick who really destroyed my sensitivity to feelings  or those mushy stuff, that make man quite and cuddly to women. long story short she dumped me wen I was in class seven, I used to buy her treats with my zero money that I was given for allowance everday,she said am a broke ass nigga who couldn’t cope with her life ,witch was true but I was in class seven 4 gods sake no one could hire me….lol.Gues gold diggers are born not made. she hustled my lunch money for a full term(semester) then she dumps me for my friend, me being the genius that I am I come up with a great plan to get “the love of my life back….lol” so I go and beat up the guy very badly that it lands me in the headmasters office(for the non Kenyans headmaster=Principal)which leads to ass whooping and me dropping out from that school…that how bad I loved her ….lol, but maybe its could all have been avoided if I had discovered alcohol way before.hmmm…

ii) Anita(the teddy bear): this was the chick I had after my heart was torn apart by puppy love gold digger ,this was a nice chick she was as good and as innocent as they come she was fly articulate had a body to die for but the timing was all fucked up.i really don’t even remember how we met but she was the bomb, and I mean that in every sense of the word. I was in high skool and in the middle of my teenage crisis or my revenge plan to the female species’ remember this chick used to right me letters and poems and all bout the L word crazy naive girl, am really sorry she had to go through that .Coz in a perfect world I think this chick should be leaving with the Tele tubby in there magical world. Coz I really think that’s how she saw the world in her view. I really don’t apologize for my past coz I believe there part of my learning experience, but if she ever came across this blog by mistake here is my apology AM REALY SORRY. and I won’t say wot I deed or happened, but …… yah m with no words

iii) Jay-Q(the perfect woman)=met in campus pretty girl smart to,like street smart not book smart, that’s the kind of smarts that wows guys.the reason why I said the perfect woman was coz                                                                            1:) she dint have the mushy stuff to begin with and did not require tittles to label our friendship..

2: ) she got along with all my friends and we could hangout anywhere anytime and not feel like we were invaded  wen she was around, plus she could pimp out all my boys in seconds she was that good.

3: ) she actually could drink and handle booze more than I could, come to think of it she did actually teach me a thing or to in the art of drinking,wen we went out drinkin and I pass out she would handle everything right till I got back to my senses. it took me two years for me to actually out drink her. that was a proud day for my manhood

4: ) She actually loved Sex more than me which is always a good thing, and she actually could chora  a doggy like a fucking artist, she would put Davichi on toes with the art. I know girls think that am getting nasty but let me shed a light on how beautiful doggy style is to us men. it like the emotions or the feelings u girls get went watching the sunset… yes! That’s how important, beautiful and significant it is….heheheh  I SAID IT!!!!

iv) Virg(the freak): I really don know why me and ma boy used to call this chick that but this chiq was the illest freak ever met. she was hungry .. and I aint talking bout food she was like a starved  fat kid and then u give the kid a buffet. this chick could  chew u alive. and she was always trying some new stuff went it came to sex ,public places and shit ,guess she loved the adrenaline, she was slim and tall with long legs that could make a  the fucking flamingos jealous, the best thing was she was flexible and she could give a head like the fucking Nero hehehe(geek joke pole if u don’t follow) ,Damn I loved the time with her come to think of it she the 1st I still had her number ). chick who made run away frm my room just to avoid SEX heehaw yeah she’s a monster. The short time we were with her I had to change my diet to peanuts and redbull… Now she’s an air hostess for KQ, I can only hope she helps me join the mile high club…Come to think of it I met her as a challenge after a certain chick pal of mine challenged my manhood hmmmm that was a good challenge (have to end this I might decide to pick up the phone and call her …hehehe if

Am jus hopping none of the exes stumble upon this coz its fair to say if they do am a dead DRUNK..

5weeks sober… and hating it


2 Responses to “MY Significant X-list”

  1. ---Supreme-G.R.E.A.M--- Says:

    I think I like Virg. Hope she didnt fuck her way up there though

  2. i think i like her her to ……………. but then am high….

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