21 Questions (-16)

Am so fucking pissed that my 40yr laptop had to fall down
and die on me, and as a result of this I have to part with my hard earned money
to get a new one, This is money I could have invested very well in some poor
girl college tuition (stripper’s joint),or
but life has a way of screwing you up [Guess
when u stop drinking money has a away of getting away somehow
.] enough of
my complaints

And today I will stay true to my blog title and actually
unleash a sk3l3ton from my closet…….hehehe here it goes.

I recently received a text message from an old fling or love
or something of the sought (Am really
clueless when it comes to relationship ish. because I notice am in a
relationship  when a chick introduce me
as the boyfriend or when she brakes up with me.. then I go hmm so we were
) that got me thinking,

Here is the text:

Ya, tell me ths is
crazy I don care. Just 2 let u know that i hv always bn so mad at u 4letin me
fall inluv wt u,then u hurt me so badly. wot hurts is I never got over u, n was
never able 2love anotha guy that way. till it cost me my boyfriend  n now its still hard to luv someone else!
Damn u 4doin ths 2me! Bt have 2 ask, did u eva feel anything  4me?

here was my 1st reaction hehehehehehehehehhehehehe……. And before anyone cast the 1st
stone let me explain myself.

This chick was like the 1st girl I stayed true to
for the longest time possible which is like 3yrs ago. and this is what happened

I remember it was like that year when they launched the KEG
SENATOR thing(bless the dude who did
and with such a cheap beer in the market It was a sentence to get
high everyday. so me and my boys go drinking at our local drinking hole, for
like a couple of JUGS, later this short looking guy strolls in very drunk and
shouts out my name, and for some reason I thought it was a good idea to lift my
hand up. then the guy throws a plastic jug at me and warns me of going near her
sister again. the jug missed me but the alcohol in me just said discipline the guy.
so I jumped over the table punched the guy straight on the face and got ready
for a fight. but ALAS! The guy I punched was knocked out.

So after like a couple of minutes and a group of drunkards later.
the guy wakes up and strolls off. Then shortly my phone rings and is the chick
above cursing me out for beating up his brother,.,

Now the funny thing is the above chick never gave me not even
slice of her booty. 3months of my invested time was drowned like that .the
chick went on to get a very wealthy guy am guessing the guy was given the goods
.then I was given a slice when he was with that guy….hmmm and here I am being accused
of  shit I don’t understand.

My question

1: If you are in love with a guy should the guy be the 1st
to get a slice of that ass???

2: What the hell is this relationship crap if when ur
in it u never get laid what the fuck is it for anyway???

3: How can I affect someone’s ability to fall in love???

4: What the hell does this fall in love really mean?

5: Is there any man who really understands women….lol????

Byee bye and heheheheh …..

3weeks sober and
loathing it


3 Responses to “21 Questions (-16)”

  1. Wb and Ha ha ha. I feel you on this one, I am a chick and I just don’t get the relationship thing. I got a txt from a guy I made out with in a drunken stupor reading ‘let me open your heart to love, that kiss proved that we are meant to be.’ That just taught me, never give out your number to a stranger you make out with. Plus I have supposedly dated half of my male pals, I laugh myself silly when I hear stuff like ‘your ex’ I have never dated anyone so I wouldn’t have an ex. How do people get into relationships?

  2. @orioneur after reading ur blog i figure thats a logical conclusion comming from u,ur one crazy chick…..lol

  3. hehehe son i see u have more drama in ur life to conceive a movie but hey that mama needs to meet me then i’l teach her a trick or two LOL….
    @orionuer clearly that chap had mad issues ati lemme open what…? SMDH

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