thought with my resent blog freeze i jus place my fingers on the keyboard and see how far they can drug a story before my blog freeze shivers off.. hmmm i gues  me changing places and weather just got me messed up in every aspect of the play that i call life.here is why…

1:lose of CPA{convinient pussy associate}-the sudden change in place just cost me one of the best Cpa i have ever got in my life,the chick was great in every sense of the word.she was the kind that u see her u just jack off without knowledge.how i got her is still a mystry to many and me.shes half  hindu  and half kamba.body of a godess.. i bet GOD made her on his birthday.Anywhoo  me been the fool i am decided not to twen i was leaving causing a big fight (physical fight)the chick realy delivered a good beating on me have to admit and thus ending a good CPA arrangement

2:LFV(lucky fishing hole) = this is the place that none of your friends or family know bout.this is a place u go to kick buck drink and relax.. and the waiters and barman know u because of the few times u frequent u always take good care of them,its also the garanteed place for pickin up mamaz wenever u hit a dry spell. oooh how i miss it…SIDE STORY : LAST TIME I VISITED THIS PLACE I WAS PICKED UP BY AN OLDER LADY WHOS AGE I WILL TAKE TO MY GRAVE .. WE WENT TO HER PLACE AND THE ONLY THING I CAN TELL U WEN I WENT BACK HOME THE ONLY HAIR ONMY BODY WAS MY EYE LASHES… THAT WAS A KINKY NIGHT…WORD TO THE WISE DONT DONT DO SNAKE BLOOD VODKA AND WEED BAD DRUGS…

3:I miss my liquor store=i loved this joint with all my heart.. they had like every friday some 3 promotional liquor that u could sumple like three shorts of  each … so me been a kenyan used to go there every friday and get like nine free shots and by my six pack.which made my budget very easy.o how i miss UNIVERSAL LIQUOR the only liqour store in the USA opened 24hrs a day 365 days a year…. i shed a tear for that.

……………….at this rate jus realised am blubing alot so am in a dilemma if to post this crap or delete it hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…………………………………………aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh

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6 Responses to “..THE BIG CHANGE”

  1. U rock!!! made my evening

  2. @kiminyi tahnx man ,i apreciate it

  3. Hahahahaha!!! CPA just killed me! Have to confess, my mind was not prepared for that twist…

  4. calvin de peters Says:


    U killing it.

    C.P.A jxt made my day.

  5. calvin de peters Says:


    U killing it.

    C.P.A jxt made my day.

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