Random update No:1

its a Saturday,night its exactly 9.59.37pm its been two weeks since i tasted a drop of my sweet love stacey(beer).This came as a shock to me that after ma fortnight i dont have the cravin for stacey.and by that i had to rush to the liquor store to get rid of my demons.i was actualy feeling comfortable leaving without stacey….???how?? i was supposed to break this dry spell yesterday but my fuckin comp got a good virus that made me spend the whole friday indoors trying to remove the virusi  and the whole of today to no avail.This Post iS a threat to one and only You P4WNED for refusing to help me install linux(virus free)… yes U mofo.U just made me loose some very important data(porn…lol)


but all in all i jus discovered if i take a long brake i can get high on 3 beers which is good…hehehe

cheers of to the  billiard to kill my brain cells and pick up a loose CHIPO…lol


3 Responses to “Random update No:1”

  1. quit blaming me beeeehach!

  2. I can hook you up with some real kenyan porn. Although I have to warn you that them ladies speak swa in kyuk and them jangos speak the Luo english. That sort of ish, plus some old mama, who is so ancient watching on a kao couple and touching em, teaching em how to do the strokes.

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