Auto Pilot..

An inventor is simply a fellow who doesn’t take his education too seriously.
—Charles F. Kettering
Auto pilot :the state of being drunk,able to function physically but your brain is completely shutdown

The reason for the above topic its because of the following event.
I was having a usual day till i got a call from a chick that i never heard of before,but the strange thing was there was a caller id name to it… meaning i had actually saved the number of this person who i have never heard off.This to me just goes ahead to show me how much i have damaged my brain cells….so the conversation went something like this:
ME: Hallo
SHE:hey there its Karen like K-A-R-E-N…( she actually spelled her name how impressive.i said in ma head)
ME:Hi  Karen,how have u been
SHE:you actually remember me….(then she giggles)

ME:yeah,(in ma head;you just told me your name and spelled it out dummy)

SHE:So ammmmm, i just wanted to ask you why you dint call me its been two weeks and you promised?
ME:(blank as hell with no clue were we actually met.i pose for a few 2nd and with no good lie to come up with i say this).I would tell you why,but i have no idea how and who u are .!!
SHE:F@*k u A$$Hole @###$**** (allot of infinity curses and then she hangs up)

ME: note to self  now i know why i dint call you
So after this event i just started thinking of the most outrageous auto pilot moment i have had and in my drinking escapades.
Auto Pilot no:1 its December holiday just we go clubbing with my pals we decide to start off in a local pub and take some cane extra and some citizens before heading to the fikaz 11pm and we head to K1 those days when they use to sell a bottle of viceroy very cheap,The usual suspect are Santa,ST AND DJ.So by the time we even pop the 1st bottle guys are smashed.Then guys decide it will be a very good idea every one just buys a full bottle and consume it alone.At the moment it seemed like a good idea.after a few glasses…. i wake up @home in my bed and my phone is vibrating like hell.i pick up the call and there is a chicks voice who’s crying and sounds terrified . shes telling me to let her go,she wont tell anyone… AM surprised,and this just makes me wake up & concentrate which is really hard coz am still fuckin high.She calms down after we have the weirdest conversation ,and tells me to go and unlock the trunk of the car.Am like what the hell are u talking bout.but i comply walk to the garage pop ,the truck of the car,And there is this chick in the trunk that i have never seen before,scared and cried off her makeup.And am thinking to myself am i dreaming or am in a twighlight zone.She  gets out doesn’t want to talk to me but after a long convincing and pleading she agreed to tell me what happened.
-apparently I picked her up in the club ditched my friends,@2am (and at this part of the story am sure my pals will beat me up seriously)and we came digz and ma parents were around so i told her to chill in the trunk till they leave for Work,then i will come back and take her out.That was like 6am And its like 11am. Never felt like a jackass like this before(actually i have but thats another story)… i had nothing to tell her but sorry .offered her a shower and drove her back home.Tried calling her and she never answered.That was my most scaring Auto pilot Moment Ever…Funny how i drove all the way to kiambu and convinced a chick to get in the trunk and she was pretty to,but i think her self esteem was messed….lol
My friends came over the same day in the evening and actually soaked all my bedding’s and beat me up pretty crazy for leaving them in the club… anywhooo that’s what we call auto pilot.
Anyone with an Auto pilot moment be free to share.

8 Responses to “Auto Pilot..”

  1. son thats messed up…. ive only had two of such one time in casa-b in costo n the second at a loose adult entertainment spot in the city…

  2. @pawned heheheeh do tell… details my guy details…..lolam sure u fungad a chick and woke up with a dude….hehehe

  3. Yuze nasty. Whats up with guys asking you to their digz and when the door gets knocked they kindly ask you to retreat in the bedroom? She got in the trunk, I’d never stoop that low, hope you sorted her out to make it worthwhile.

  4. @orionuer u have no idea i actualy was nyimwad

  5. Thats what you get for locking up a girl in yo trunk. Thats some crazy fucked up shit, for a moment thought yuze a psycho killer. That would have been hot! Don’t forget to check out my blog and tell me what you think.

  6. @orioneur weka a link in here coz ur name is not linked up…

  7. Think I just did but its Keep it real!

  8. Orionuer Says:

    Hey you, I need to talk to you about this post. Kindly get in touch with me either drop me an email or give me a call on 0721749208. Kindly make it Asap, hope you are doing great though.

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