A Drunk’s 1st Person View…,

A sharp bright light blind me,My head feels like a train just run over me.i lift ma hand to block the sun and get a bearing of my location,Its a large field with  trees and tents around.trying to think is making my head hurt more.So i decide to let everything sink in.My jeans are wet from the morning dew,and as i look around there is a tent next to me and a couple of people lying around.this is getting weird :i say to myself,ma eyes are half way open trying to adjust to the blinding sunshine,i  gather all my strength to try and Stand up,but i step on something,FUCK YOU ASSHOLE.some guy screams at me as he drags his hand under my feet..the voice sounds familiar,but my head is still not working.there is some familiar scent in the air and yes this am sure is weed.”what the hell?” i say in ma mind.i take a few steps and by the stagger i pulled,it was clear i had over indulged the previous day.(Way to go self ).i put my hands in my pocket and thank God my phone is intact.i try my back pocket and i pull out a water bottle with some brown liquid,hmm i wonder what this could be.i open it up and smell,its Herbal tea(tea mixed with weed.)Now i know who does this kind of shit its my friend Dj.

By this time my eyes have adjusted fine to the light and i can start identifying the drunkards lying around.Suddenly two guys with matching clothes walk straight to me and tell me.. “You have to hours to pack and leave before we call the cops”.I take a good look around and i could see families standing outside their tents not looking Amused at all.(i ask myself what the hell did we do Last night,but decide its much safer if i suppress the memory)I walk around to look for some breakfast,then i see this wooden Bar.get in and there is a sign…. FISHERMAN’S CAMP.Note to self: (so that’s were we are).try to buy breakfast but none was available for our kind.whatever that means.I find my way back to the tent and the guards have thrown everything into the car.My Drunk friends are not helping the situation as they trade Insults with the guards.A few  minutes later every one is in the car and no one is talking.SO i lay ma head on the window to take a nap.When suddenly i realize we are in another destination.The sign says CRAY FISH.The Driver Gets out of the car and come back with two bottles of  Vodka.I close my eyes and this was the time i realized that i had made a pretty bad choice in life by choosing this people to be my friend.And its Dejavu ones again…..



6 Responses to “A Drunk’s 1st Person View…,”

  1. @pawned thanx bro.i hope u doing your training coz wen i kuja u better keep up…

  2. son am getin hardened by the minute u cant beat this…!

  3. hehehe will c dude will seee///

  4. Lol!Thats a classic ‘Kwani jana kuliendaje scenario’

  5. In fact when someone doesn’t understand afterward its up to other users that they will help, so here it takes place.

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