Beach Party[..bhind bars.. exodus]


After someone who i will not mention her name decided its a good idea to take all my resources to access beer .this weekend has been the shittiest and most painful of my this is what it feels to not drink,i pity you all sober people.And thus the conclusion to why the part 2 dint come sooner

………anywhoo am in the police station looking,and the cops ague with my cousin and the chick i sacrificed my ass for is on the outside.the police men at this time are forcing me to sighn the OB which i know is a Damn idea coz i will have to stay inn for the whole weekend.For those of u never arrested in kenya,this means you trade sighning the OB for a couple of slaps and blows….and by a couple i mean like 1000.After the fuckimg pigs do there thing and take my belt and leave me with a single shoe.they send me to the back were the cells are.Luckily for me this wasnt my 1st time in cell but.getting back there Truly scares the shit out of me considering am goin in alone.luckily the Pigs put me in an under 18 cell were its specious compared to were i landed next…

okay here i am shaved inn by the pigs ,And that crap you see in movies that when u get in cells u stand ur ground is a bunch of hollywood  bullshit.U can be killed there in seconds.So i get into this corridor with high walls called a cell.and guys are sleepin.and i happen to step on a guy.Bad mistake.the guy stands up.throws a jab and hits ma face,me and my short temper i head butt the dude,and at the same time realise am fucked,so i do the honorable thing and assume the ass whooping the pigs get inn ask for my age and throws me to the wolf.over 18 cell.they open the cell and guys pour outside literry.Am thinkin where the hell am i going to fit.And this is the part off my life i would like to block .coz i just stood there till morining on one foot.coz thats the only space i could get.

while on the other side i would imagine  my Friend Darkness and BB where worried.hehehehe that would be naeive,so the motherfuckers went to the bitch party with all the chiqs and my cuzo and got the time of there lifes … life is Grand isnt it….Am stuck in a sausage fest and my pals are out balling their ass out.So morning came ^am i hear amy name and upto this day that was my best moment in life.. nothing could top the joy…Freedom is sweet guys.u never know till u lost it..   Stayin in that cell jus reminded me off a Wall righting i saw wen i was growing up @ the Age of six…wet something like this…[ HELL IS BAD,BUT JAIL IS WORSE.. I HAVE BEEN TO BOTH]... and i cant agree more.the 6am comes am bailed out its drizzling am hungry tired and found out the guys who came to bail me out are strait from the beach party.. Drunk and jolly as hell.

We head to my cuzos digs were i take a shower eat,and try to catch a snooze,just to notice my friend Darkness Disappeared with one of the Chiqs and knowing the guy..i felt pity for the chiq….lol.i sleep wake up call up my side piece chick guys are jolly telling tales.. from here shit gets blurry.All i remember is we stayed Coasto for 4 more days and we were so broke coming baq wen guys took a break in mtitu Andei we had to stay put in the bus and watch guys eat and drink there shit.never been that broke….hehehe now thats a lie . we fika nairobi town,50bob between 3guys it cant even take us anywhere.But Darkness comes to the rescue and convinces a hawker to hook us up with cash.And we hit the almighty luthuli…hmm nice chips i might Add.

Moral of the story dont count your chicks before they hutch.I dint even get some booty from the chick and never did.the next time i went back to coasto the chick was married.

lesson 2.Faq the police… yah i said it faq the fuckin pigs



3 Responses to “Beach Party[..bhind bars.. exodus]”

  1. -How did darkness convince a hawker to give u cash???..
    -so next time ukiona gava,toka teke.kama ukona dame,mwache…,i mean,its easier to bail her out,than bailing uaself out….

  2. faq the police awrite hehehe

  3. @geetoh yes lesson learned the hardway….lol

    @pawned yes sir

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