The 12 disciples ….the saga!!!!

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes.
—Marcel Proust
Today being a Monday,is always a good reason to blame any bad shit that happens on the wen i woke up this morning and knocked ma small toe on the edge of the bed.YES,i blamed on the day,i usually have a routine wen i wake up that is.go to the loo,washface brush tooth,then cheq wot i can eat for breakfast.and yes in that order.i do so because i am a free soul…..hehehe,(i actually don’t know y,but i end up noticing its a bad idea after the 1st taste of cereals.)so As i take my breakfast,and cheq ma email and wall,this crap thing in facebook.thats when i remembered a friend of mine in campus,who we had quite a wild,crazy and somehow fun experience in my earlier days in campus.for lack of a creative name i will call him darkness.(for obviousreasons…lol)i remember a  coast friend of mine told me that u should never date a chiq that’s darker… And i jocked,”then darkness is set,coz the way he is dark, the only darker chille than him should navy blue”we laughed it off, come  our 4th year and did my man Darkness prove me wrong.the guy pulled a : houdini and got himself navy blue mama… mad respect bra.

Anywhooo…… before i loose my train of thoughts.this guy,wen we were just freshmen in campus we did some major parting 2gether.Every Friday we would chomoka campus early in the afternoon,(u would think pombegoin to kwisha,come to think of it if we had the same passion for going to class…hehehe who am i kidding)go to akina.steps,doddeis,hornbill catch pints silly till like 9pm.and this was now the time we would remember to go feed.we would get to those guys for smokie .buy like smookies for 100bob,ficha them,then walk to mac fries,buy fries and unleash our 2killoz off smokies… good-times….lol,later we would go westi,crooked,ABC, and the rest dunda till 4am. wen the clubs have been funguad.take a mat to tao.and as u know with no cars..the only place to ngoja the daylight,so as to catch a mathree was…hehehehe Sabina Joy.this story to be told anatha all in all when we went back to campus after the weekend we were the guys with the storoz.And my man Darkness been one hell of a story teller,the chicks in our class were drawn to our escapades.having left out the smokie part and the morning waiting at Sabina Joy(mad respect to this joint)

So the story Begins Friday As we are Preparing For our Ritual guy Darkness is approached by one chiq of our class and she says her and some other chiqs are interested to join in and hit the clubs.Which to me it translates to doom coz,the chumz i had, lets just say.they catered 4 my thirst alone and ma smokies.But ma smooth guy Darkness,doesn’t hesitates and tell the chiq just to gather her pals and we meet up in tao.As the chiq walks away in excitements,i had to slap the guy and ask him,y the hell he be letting me eat smookies.while we would be raruaing Ngoks thiororoks(rotisserie chicken),My guy looks @ me with shock.and says”were the fuck do i get money for kuku(u would have thought i asked the guy for a kidney….which i realy need).And I get more shocked than him,if your inviting those chicks we hangout.Am guessing u gat papper sticking up ur ass.

Darkness been the cool guy he is.he goes “let me show u how we daz this….”we head to our usual watering holes.and shortly the phone start ringing,and i hand it to the smooth guy to talk to his entourage.he walks out of the pub comes baq hands me the phone,the fuck doesn’t say a word.we continue our drinking,later do our smokie ritual.Now we get ready to hit the club.Then the guy talks at last and says.”I directed the chicks to Carni so we will meet them there.And my first reaction was to laugh,because the time those chicks called was bout 6pm,so am wondering WTF they were doing ther…LOL@that time we are on a mathree to wondering if carni changed location,n 4got to tell one of there loyal fan.i keep ma mouth shut.we dunda westi till 12am. then Darkness Asks for ma phone and this is wen i notice the phone is off.which begs for another satanic laugh.we take a taxi and head to carni.

Now from here my night turns comical all the way.we get in for free thank to Darkness and he’s PR skills.head in and straight to the counter and purchase a keg of tusker each.then decide to scout the place.heheeh. as were looking around 13diqs(the chiq Darkness invited in to bring her friends) comes around and jumps on ma boy.u might think its her long lost lover and gives me a hug,which means shit.(the chick has zero to no ties on her)and leads us to there table….hehehe no here is the very interesting part.there like 12 chiqs sitting in a circle.looking very exhausted and very sobber. and in ther middle there is a  table with a fanta,YES i said A FANTA(one)  there like 12 chiqs and each chiq  has a glass with like something less than a shot of Fanta.hehehehe this realy looked like the last this time i was rolling on the ground with laughfter.(and made sure at the same time none of my beer spilled,priorites)this was so Funny for me i couldn’t contain my self.I had to call my friend Dj and share the happiness. which was a wrong i dear .because i ended up calling my dad and narrating the whole story while cursing  at 2am.{poor guy i bet @ this time ma dad was wishing he had used a condom}
this is how the girls ended up been called the 12 disciples

But i think we were rush to give them that name,because in the coarse of the night .the chicks realy thugged  our beers,religiously.we should have just called them Forty thieves.

Ps… 13diqs was given the name by ma boy BB(bouncing baby) cause the chiq could give mad head,it felt like u had 13 diqs. disclaimer


if u find errors keep them to hungry tired and sleepy

4 Responses to “The 12 disciples ….the saga!!!!”

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  2. Wawawa!I havent laughed that hard in ages,good stuffg

  3. *dead*

    i am rolling about the floor right here. 12 disciples you say? *more dead, now buried*

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