*Thanks– Giving*

When hungry, eat your rice; when tired, close your eyes. Fools may laugh at me, but wise men will know what I mean.

The above quote has nothing to do with me feeling bright,i put it there because i saw it and i happened to be eating rice at the time.Anywhooooo..i know i promised ma pal that i will post this blog much earlier,but this is what led to my delay.i woke up this morning with a feeling that scared me shit less,i have never been scarred like this b4.i actually was contemplating of quiting drinking.!!!!.yes me quit drinkin.i know people get those ideas wen they have hangovers,but this was not the case.i actually went to the box that i call a fridge.to get a drink and i choose a bottle of water over the three bottles of beer.i couldn’t believe ma hand is capable of such atrocities.being that shocked.i decided to file this event as sleep walking and headed strait to bed and prayed,Yes I prayed that the demons in me to be lay asleep.and that when i wake up i will be back to my beloved drunk self,thankfully my prayers were had.that is what made me post late.

now back to the story at hand yesterday was thanx giving and being the 1st time to ever celebrate this event.i had to ask the important question as a normal person would do.I was Invited By… sm1 anonymous.Here were my questions in the order i asked

Q1:will there be free alcohol.
Answerr yes.
Q2: Will there be food ,@ this point i knew i was already going no matter wot the answer to the following questions where.
Q3:what is the holiday bout.which i realized was a wrong question because the answer came with a story.
Answer:no idea at this point all i heard was the sounds of bottle popping.
so i take a quick and brief shower get me dressed.and me and ma Pal head off for thanx giving.
the place is quite far and me is very thirsty.so me think if i could bring out an interesting conversation this will take ma mind from the thirst i feel.hmmmm,me come out with brilliant question.so how many are u in your family. i was thinking the answer would come inform of a digit,but ooooh boy.talk bout shooting yourself in the foot.i got the family tree and the history behind every1.this continued even after we arrived ate and at-last the booze came ma way.
this is those moments you see in television and things start going in slow motion.it was a green bottle from the a real fridge not that box i have,n damn it was sweating looking cool(literary and the other meaning yes that one).the chupa was placed in ma hands and ,then the bottle popped,and that was it.all my worries were gone the family story tails even seemed better @ this moment.i took the 1st sip.of the Heineken. And i swear this was much better than the last sex i had.its even degrading to compare the sex i had that time and this.but this is a story for another day.after a couple of Heineken’s,and by a couple i mean like 10 or more,but who counts while u having such good time drinking.(let me just start another paragraph from nowhere but the story continues)
At this particular point am tipsy and thinking that the only thing that could top this event was two chiqs jus catching infront of me…hmmm boy was i wrong,A bright fella comes up with a very bright idea,but with a very stupid way of phrasing it…the guy says”who wants to do shots?” i hope u see wot he did wrong here,he asked a question,which is very stupid from where i come from.and especially if its pertaining alcohol .ofcoarse me being the member of kidney distroyer –AS One of my favourite blogger says{BELLABIZ}.i raise ma hand,with a smile and we proceed,alas!! this guys are straight balling,they have shit i see on music videos.courvoisier and Bacardi supreme.this shit taste good.. (i went with the courvoisier.after doing this calculation=i know a friend of mine who has Bacardi,thus there is a chance to encounter it but the courvoisier  that shit is rare to me).we tossed then drunk our-self silly.
i want to end this blog but i have to mention this.I think i made good friends with a lesbian chiq which is nice but the problem is.,she so pretty i just think its a waste of skin.i think i like her like the kind of like….WoOOOOiiiiiiii am bout to rat ma self out………….

3 Responses to “*Thanks– Giving*”

  1. Since when do they celebrate thankgiving in Kenya??….

  2. KD i just moved to the states recently…

  3. was the offending hand righted?

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