Th3 “High” Road>>>

1. You can do anything, but not everything.
—David Allen

woke this morning,and as usual had a hard on.this is due to the fact of miss guided priority.okay here is what i mean.last weekend happened to be one of those days in the year that i tend to kill or the slow brain cells in ma head that are slowing me down.[As a drunk man said a herd is as fast as its slowest members.]or something to that other words i did some heavy drinking and indulgence with DNA[drugs and alcohol]for those of u already thinking am a junkie.the drugs part .its jus some pain killers for the this exercise is usually unsafe with girlfriends i made up a fight,to keep her away thus been the reason 4 my hardon’s.

Being ma birthday. i always have this thing were i try one of the hard drugs to see what can match up to my sweet Stacey[booze].this is a ritual invented by ma friends Dj,ST,and Santa i would like to give the BG’s some credit but those guys wen it came to ideas bout anything.. they had an IQ as high as the number of their fingers and toes combined.

so here is the number of drugs tried and the aftermath:

drug no1:KUBERR:For those who have no idea wot this is,just thank God u never tried it.
tried this wen i was in high school.method of consumption:just put some it under ur lower lip..
effects:hehehe lets just say this shit is like a faqin hoarse tranquilizer,that shit knocks u out in minutes.
consequences:speed dial to muara[throw up],knees weak.hallucinations.. i saw the teacher in duty get in class and i swear the guy had a gun,which ma brain triggered the run signal,all i know i was under the floor .

Drug No2:Weed[ganja]; hehehe still don’t get what the fascination with this over rated has the worst high u can ever have.intake:inhalation/smoking.Effects:hallucinations,numbness,hand moth coordination……i swear i tried eating a chapo and ended up wiping my ass with it”true story”
consequences:i started to see guys with big heads but they all sounded damn to me..ooooh an i had this fight with a kangaroo,which turned out the next morning. i really fought with ma door.dislocated index finger a and a swollen head and hand.guess i showed the door hhhh.

Drug no3:Xtacy:method of intake:pill,from there u can figure out yourself.effects/consequences:this is best explained by a story: ma friend Dj picks me up in the house and ma hangovers get zero to eat.rush to Westland to a muhindi guy wearing a suit and alas the guy is a dealer.i thought this guy was going to buy me a pujabi mixed cd or forward its 7pm. we duck outside choices and pop the kicks in just as am bout to go down the am downstairs with ma face on the cement.but i have never felt so happy,am grabbing random asses getting feeling like those guys who were their,draws on the outside and tight pant[super heroes].fast-fwd am thrown out,get a melt down ma body is on seating like a mathafaka.and i woke up in a tub…… the judge.

in short its always best to stick with stacey[beer]….. the worst that ever happened was wake up with a lady who wa like 45 yrs old… THATS BETTER RIGHT????????
my iQ is 121 i have cert to prove it…

3 Responses to “Th3 “High” Road>>>”

  1. hahahaha u guy uve malizad me.. lol

  2. East or west,Stacey’s best.

  3. nanii…this fellow of NACADA should use this blog as part of his drug advocacy. hehee!!

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