Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear.
—Ambrose Redmoon
Been the newbie in this blogging world, am expecting to step on some toes and squash some bugs while at it.for ma introduction piece am keeping things simple and introducing the characters on ma so called life,which for me seems mo like a weird dream that comes to un end every time the heads hit the pillow.Bare with me for a minute as i lead u down this strange path.
basically ma life is just like many other drunks out there,but the perspective i view it from makes it interesting i might say.here3 are some of ma main characters to this sequel of events..<have to use code names 4 the sake of keeping ma balls intact>

ST:[smooth talker/story teller] its the guy i grew up.the days of cha baba na mama.come to think of it this guy was smooth way baq then telling us to go and sleep,while he had the mama …..Damn!! this fool played  us and got laid b4 i new wot the dinga ling in ma pants was 4… hehehheh.and for me to be finding out now jus goes to show how early child hood drinking faqs up ur brain….POWER TO BOOZE!!

SK:[silent killer].. the guy got the name for the farts he used to chomoa,bt the lived up to hes name wen it came to getting mamaz in the club.. to the lad could sit quietly in a table fool of drunks and mamiz then end up chomokain with one of the fine mamiz in the table still.. a mystery.this guy then again has a tendency with falling in love with strippers

Dj:named for obvious reason.fetish fat chiqs -something bout the warmth in the and cushion for landing.i know that description fits a mattress,but believe me if u know this guy and the bangi he smokes that doesn’t need further explanation. alcohol consequences.. dial up mwaura.spank anything moving.

BG:{big money}this is the guy with the cash the clothes and  the zero game wen it comes to chiqs.. Its Great how life balances things out,coz if that guy had money ma drinking spree and the mobility would have been next to zero… this is the guy who buys pombe like there is no one else thirsty in the bar.oooh and this guy has a bratha jus the same as the guy so ill jus call the guy BG2

Santa:got her her name coz of her generousity.let me just say shes been around the bloq…mmmmh like 500times,but this chiq is the greatest company ever.as long as we have her around even wen th BG’s arnt around drinks get sorted,she got means..

Then there the Others pple who jus around to kip the rest of us bored or happy by beating them up or just taking  there chiqs 4 the sake of entertainment.
with this little blue print the postings ill right will make more sense.
if it aint broken break it1

8 Responses to “P!l0t”

  1. son off to a good start now lemme read the pilot post!

  2. wacha i get ma gloves on n my think pad right….then tafuta smthing equivalent to kane shizo…hehehe then i can have a verbal diarrhea

  3. waa si ucome hata saa hii uone vile nitadoo na hiyo dingaling ya yours cause i jua that by now you already jua what it is that you are meant to do with it for sure

  4. i hope that this is private si we organise some time tumeet hope you are not the shy type

  5. hehehe jackie did you just offer to eat me?? how i feel like a piece of meat right now

    @shiro y do u want to molest a brother

  6. son this is good progress mpaka u have offers yawa.!

  7. hehehe ati warrrrr!! i know that shiro chic didn not straight up offer herself to you!! OMG

  8. @ pawned GAME recogize Game Hoez Do To…lol

    @KD* why the shock…???

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